Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2D1N: Bandung

Greetings everyone!

How you doin'?
So this is my first travel journal, sort of. I haven't been to many places, but I have been craving to do that and go everywhere I want to go. So this is it, hi from my new blog!
Bandung, February 2016.

Me and my friend (Ulfa) had this short getaway to Bandung. On Sunday night she asked me if I wanted to join her to go to Bandung or not because she needed to meet her academic advisor. So I said yes, and we agreed to just spent 2 days and 1 night there. And because she had a room in Bandung, we stay overnight there aaaaaand it's free :p

February 1 2016

We went to Baranangsiang bus terminal at 7 am and finally set off to Bandung by bus at 7.30 am. The bus ticket cost us about Rp 65.000. It took about 3 hours for us to arrive at Leuwipanjang terminal. After we got off, we took Damri Bus (it was a shuttle bus) to go to Ulfa's dorm room in Dipatiukur, the shuttle bus cost about Rp 5.000 for all direction! It's cheaper and more convenient than angkot, and plus the bus was pretty neat.
view from my bus window
shuttle bus Damri

At 12.15 pm, we reached Dipatiukur and we bought lunch first at Sambel Lalap which was near to Ulfa's kost, we bought ayam penyet for Rp 13.000/each. After that, we didn't do anything particular and we had a short nap afterward. And at 4 pm, we set off to Bandung Indah Plaza to watch Surat Dari Praha the movie. We went there by angkot which cost us Rp 3.000/ Rp 4.000. The film was quite moving because the story, characters and the songs within were all well-directed. Thumbs up for Film Indonesia!

Ayam penyet at its best! 
Later at night, my cousin Teh Fenny offered to buy us dinner so we met and went to Warung Baso Lela which is located in Dago atas. I didn't see any public transportation there, so if you want to go there I'd like recommend you to take ojek or maybe just drive there.

I chose baso yamin manis and jeruk nipis panas for my drink, Ulfa chose baso kuah and my cousin chose to eat bihun baso and they both had lemon tea for their drink. The place was nice and kinda homey since it's basically a house that has been redecorated and turned into a restaurant, also the food was affordable and delicious. You can see Bandung's citylight there! After we finished with our dinner, my cousin drove us off right in front of Ulfa's kost.

February 2 2016

On our last day, we had breakfast at Warung Wong Jowo which was right in front of Museum Pos Indonesia. And later on, we went straight to Museum Pos Indonesia. It is free for everyone. It was fascinating to see so many postage-stamps from all over the world with different shapes and design and how hard it was for the postman to deliver every mail back then. It was all vintage! You should check out the museum, you'd be reminded of the good old days when everything wasn't as digital as right now.
Rp 21.000

Meet Ulfa everyone
And to kill some more times, we went to Museum Geologi Indonesia which was close to Museum Pos Indonesia. To enter the museum, we must buy a ticket for Rp 3.000. It was quite exciting because there were so many things to see and to try, it has a futuristic kind of design I think.. It's good to learn about the environtment, the world and the universe. It's suitable for you who loves science, astronomy and akik since there were so many kind of stone.................

After that, we left to Stasiun Bandung at 11 am because we had no idea what to do. Later on, at 2.30 pm our train set off. We rode Argo Parahyangan train, it was nice and comfortable inside. The train ride cost us about Rp 120.000 but you can afford ticket with cheaper price. And little tips for you who want to have a train ride for the first time, you should check out and book the tickets weeks/months before your departure because it would be so much cheaper than purchase the ticket right before the train leaves.
And for the train ride from Bandung to Jakarta, seat number 13 is on the front row and seat number 1 is on the back row just in case you're curious.
We got off at Jatinegara station and go straight to Bogor with commuterline which was cost Rp 15.000. It took abouth 2 hours for us to finally arrived at Bogor station.

view from my train window

Ubud, eh?